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2 people walking 2 dogs along a track through a forest - 6 Ways to be the Best Dog Parent
Jane Cowan

6 Ways to be the Best Dog Parent

No matter how well prepared you think you are or how much you read, when it comes to being a dog parent there is only so much you can learn without doing. Here are 6 nuggets of wisdom that can improve you and your dog’s life.

Woman and dog biting the same piece of watermelon. - 7 Human Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog
Janet Walker

7 Human Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Dog parents are eager to share food with their canine friends. But not all human foods are safe for dogs. Here are 7 human foods to avoid feeding your dog.

CARE Korea

Veterinarian Amendment: A Pet Owner’s Rights

A legislative amendment we have been supporting for 7 years is finally about to be adopted. The Veterinarian Amendment allows pet owners to be informed of the medical estimates prior to diagnosis and treatment.

Aeyong Adopted after Escaping Fire - 03
CARE Korea

Aeyong Adopted after Escaping Wildfires

Aeyong was rescued—covered head-to-tail in ash—from the Goseong County wildfires. She was adopted by her fosterer after no one claimed her.

Noru Deserves to be Loved
CARE Korea

Noru Deserves to be Loved

Noru finally found a new family, and they came a long way to pick her up to take her back to her new home. We believe every dog deserves to be loved.

NamNams New Adopted Life - 7
CARE Korea

NamNam’s New Adopted Peaceful Life

NamNam was in our care until she was adopted by a family in Canada and flew over to them in January 2019. Since then, NamNam has enjoyed a peaceful new life.

CARE Korea

Ruki Diets To Meet His New Family

We rescued dogs living under a bridge shivering in the cold. A ripped sheet and a few bowls were on the ground, and puppies were licking bones with no meat. Ruki was one of them.

Grieving a Pet, Don't Underestimate its Value
Nat Juchems

Grieving A Pet, Don’t Underestimate its Value

Death rarely fails to have a significant impact upon us. Logically, we know that there is an inevitability to it, a natural part of the life cycle. Still, emotionally it has the potential to have a devastating and disruptive influence. This doesn’t just go for the passing of human friends and family, either—when our pets die, we can feel it just as keenly.