Animal Abuse

CARE Korea

Cat Torturer’s Inadequate Punishment

The man who tortured a cat with boiling water and hot pokers, left it suffering in agony unable to eat or drink for 5 days, and then fed it alive to his dogs, was sentenced on May 2nd, 2017 at a court in South Chungcheon province, South Korea.

CARE Korea

The Cruelty of Dog Meat Markets

CARE continues to investigate traditional markets in and around Seoul since Moran market’s announcement that the public slaughtering of dogs at the market will cease. However, this is still happening, including at Moran market; dogs are being taken from display cages and slaughtered in front of customers and other dogs.

CARE Korea

Hope Continues to Recover Well

After emergency operations on his broken left leg and joint, and broken ribs, and to repair the punctured lung caused by the awful abuse he received, Hope—the Spitz puppy thrown out in a garbage bag—is recovering well and breathing more easily.

CARE Korea

Hope is Not Lost Yet

Hope, the abused—we know this now—Spitz puppy that was stuffed into a garbage bag and left to be collected by the garbage collectors, has been treated. The perpetrator is also in custody and has been charged.

CARE Korea

Live Dog Thrown Out with the Garbage

This injured male Spitz puppy had been stuffed into a 20 liter garbage bag with other unwanted items stuffed in on top of him, and dumped outside with the other garbage to be collected.

CARE Korea

Another Cat Burned and Left to Die

Another cat was found severely burned—this time by fire—outside a warehouse in Yongin city near Seoul, South Korea at 11am on March 16th.


What is “Animal Crushing?”

Animal crushing is the act of torturing animals—often small animals such as kittens, puppies, rabbits, and mice, with the videos posted on the Internet.