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Trading Zoo Animals with North Korea

The city of Seoul has suggested that Seoul Grand Park and Pyeong Yang Central Zoo trade primates. While Seoul claims this would expand genetic diversity, it would really be a political move using animals to improve North-South Korean interactions.

CARE Korea

Stray Kids Appointed Ambassadors for Black Dog Campaign

Stray Kids, a nine-member male K-Pop group, were appointed as honorary ambassadors of CARE’s Black Dog Campaign. The appointment officially took place on October 31st, at our adoption center in Dapshimni.

Jin-ho Yang
CARE Korea

Korea Future Technology CEO Sued for Animal Abuse

A shocking video was released by NewsTapa on November 1st, 2018. In the video, Jin-ho Yang, the CEO of Korea Future Technology and WeDisk, was seen beating a  former employee in the office while fellow employees were watching.

man holding protest placards in Korean
CARE Korea

Demonstration at Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse

CARE and over 20 individual animal rights activists took part in an unplanned protest at Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse, where an unimaginable number of dogs are slaughtered every day.

Stop The Killing 2018 protest
CARE Korea

STOP THE KILLING! Protest 2018

Despite the brutal summer heat, our STOP THE KILLING! 2018 demonstration demanding the end of dog meat slaughter went ahead successfully. A lot of people stopped to express support for the protest that took place on the second of the three Boknal days.

CARE Korea

Proposed Amendment to South Korean Animal Protection Act

A proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act was introduced on June 20th, 2018. Animal rights organizations welcome this amendment and urge congress to pass it quickly into law. CARE has been consulting with Congressman Chang Won Pyo on this legislation, and we hope that this government acts responsibly and ends the decades-long industrial-scale illegal slaughter of dogs in South Korea.

CARE Korea

Ignorance; the Suffering Continues

In the heat of early August at the start of summer, we received numerous reports and photos of animals in distress. The place was a museum called Dalasil in Chuncheon, a city about one and a half hours drive north-west of Seoul. We went to investigate.