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Guest Post Guidelines

We do not accept Sponsored Posts, Sponsored Links, or advertizing. Please do not ask. Repeated inquiries from the same source will get your email address marked as Spam.

Your article must

be original

We want to share original content with our audience. We won’t accept content ­that's already published on another website, or content that’s already been covered elsewhere on this site.

be animal rights or animal welfare focused

It can be a how-to/advice article, an opinion piece, or a Q&A. It must be high-quality and offer concrete actionable advice, or a clear substantive argument with supporting evidence.

not explicitly or implicitly endorse or condone any of the issues we campaign against

It must not reference or link to any organization or person who takes part in, supports, endorses, or appears to condone any of the issues we campaign against.

display a good command of English

Minor typos will be corrected, but if major editing is required to make it comprehensible, it will be rejected. Excessive use of cliches or idioms will also get your article rejected. We reserve the right to make any changes we feel necessary.

be an appropriate length

It should cover your chosen subject in enough depth, but at the same time be concise. Aim for around 1,000 words, but if it's shorter than 750 words, it will be rejected. Conversely, excessive verbiage in order to pad out the word count will get your article rejected.

Your article must not

be for the sole purpose of generating backlinks

You can include one link back to your website which will be included in the Author Box (see below.) Other links in the body of the article are allowed if they support the advice and arguments. We reserve the right to remove links that we feel don't meet this criterion.

contain affiliate links

Your article should eduacate and inform, not sell. Affiliate links will be removed, and if your article is deemed to be for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing, e.g. a product review, it will be rejected.

be syndicated

We want original and unique content on our site. If your article is found on other sites (see above,) it will be removed.

Guest Post Submissions

Submit your draft Guest Post to ‘webmaster [at] worldanimalrescuefund [dot] org’ (unless you have previously been in contact, in which case reply to the email address you already have) with all the required information and attachments.

You must submit

an approriate format

It must be either an MS Word, OpenOffice/LibreOffice file, or you can share it via Google Docs. Other formats will be rejected without being opened. If sharing via Google Docs, please allow at least Comment permissions in case we need to suggest revisions.

at least one Featured Image

All images must be 1024px by 768px (4:3) JPGs unless there is a specific reason why other dimensions are required. They must have appropriate usage rights and have accreditation. They must relate to, or reflect, the subject of the article. Do not embed images in the body of your text. We reserve the right to add or remove any images.

a short 50-word bio for the Author box

You must include your name, job title, role, or profession, social media handles, and a link to your website. We reserve the right to edit your bio and remove links as necessary.

a 300 character (~55 word) Excerpt and a 165 character (~30 word) Snippet

The Excerpt appears below the Featured Image on the homepage and archive pages. The Snippet appears below the Title link in web search results. Use the phrase "Llamas in Pyjamas" in the email subject line of your guest post suggestion (or somewhere in your first email after our first response to your initial inquiry) or submission so that we know you've read these guidelines.

100 character (~15-20 word) Facebook and Twitter update text and Twitter hashtags

If you don't provide these, the Excerpt will be used for Facebook, and the Snippet will be used for Twitter. Provide no more than three hashtags. Remember that hashtags can be embedded in the update text.

the focus keyword/keyphrase of your article

Provide an appropriate keyword/keyphrase and make sure sure it appears in your article in a natural manner. We reserve the right to make any SEO changes necessary.

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