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Hanam City Emergency Dog Rescue Appeal

Dogs left to starve to death by dog slaughterers hoping to extort money from Korea Land & Housing Corporation
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Dog meat slaughterers ousted from Moran Market have illegally occupied land owned by Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LHC), claiming that their facilities were on this land prior to being bought and that LHC owes them compensation before they move out to ‘allow’ the construction of a new apartment block.

Needless to say that what they are doing is completely illegal as they are not, nor have ever been, the owners of the piece of land in question.

In order to provide ‘evidence’ for their claim, they constructed some enclosures and dumped about 200 dogs on the site, pretending that they’d been there all along.

All around the enclosures, the rotting bodies of dead dogs are everywhere. Some of the poor animals have not been dead very long.

The food trash they were given is maggot-infested and covered in fungi. Those that are still alive are in a terrible state, having had no food for a very long time. Most are covered in mange, some completely devoid of hair, and little but skin and bone. The floor is covered in feces. Flies and other bugs infest both the living and the dead.

It’s safe to say, without hyperbole, that it’s a living hell for dogs.

We’ve rescued some of the worse off dogs but were unable to rescue all of them, having recently rescued a large number of dogs from a dog farm in Namyangju and consequently having no space at our shelters.

How your Donations will Help

Your donations will help us and our volunteers provide food for the remaining dogs while on-site, help us treat the dogs that are moved off-site to other shelters or other safe places, and help us find adopters who are willing to take them.

If there were ever a group of animals for whom your support was life or death, these are them.

Please consider making a donation to help to rescue, treat and feed these poor dogs.

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CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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