Rescue Stories

White dog with an injured neck sniffing the ground. - (Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase
CARE Korea

(Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase

After a 12-day chase, we were finally able to capture Youngwoong and take him to the vet to have his collar removed.

A ginger and white cat sleeping on is back in a cat bed. - Poppy Adopted
CARE Korea

Poppy Adopted / Dog Farm Demolished

Poppy, rescued from under a pile of filth under a dog farm cage, has already been adopted, and an illegal dog farm in Gwangmyeong City has been demolished.

A ginger and white cat lying on the floor looking grumpy. - Ppojji Hidden Under Food Waste
CARE Korea

Hidden Under Food Waste: Poppy’s Story

A kitten hidden under food waste under the cage went almost unnoticed by our activists who were rescuing two dogs that had been neglected on a dog farm.

Awaiting Death in the Darkness 04
CARE Korea

Awaiting Death in the Darkness

In a rural junkyard, we found dogs cut off from the sun, hidden behind a mountainous pile of steel bars awaiting death in the darkness.

A Fight to Rescue Donkeys 02
CARE Korea

A Fight to Rescue Donkeys

We received a call to rescue donkeys and a dog that were being abused in front of Pak Kyongni Literature Hall in Hadong County, South Gyeongsang Province.

Escapologist Teddy Finally Recaptured
CARE Korea

Escapologist Teddy Finally Recaptured

Initially rescued from a slaughterhouse in Namyangju, Teddy roamed Muuido Island for about a month before he was finally recaptured on the eighth attempt!

Help Rescue Dog Hani to Recover - 08
CARE Korea

Help Rescue Dog Hani to Recover

Rescue dog Hani is recovering slowly at her foster home, but she still needs much more treatment before she is back to full health. Can you help?

Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm - 01
CARE Korea

Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm

Dogs had been neglected with no roof over their heads, inadequate space to lie down, nor proper food and water. Some of them had eyes bulging with infections.

Cheonan Dog Slaughterer Protest 07
CARE Korea

Put the Cheonan Dog Slaughterer on Trial

The Cheonan Dog Slaughterer was fined a mere 3 million Korean Won (Approx. $2,500 US) for the brutal killing of thousands of dogs. That outcome is unacceptable.

CARE - 2019 - A Year in Review
CARE Korea

A Review of 2019

Our achievements in 2019 were due to the ongoing support of our generous donors, the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers, and those who encourage us and stand with us on social media.