Adoption Stories

Girl kneeling on grass with a dog. - Seongah’s New Life in Seattle
CARE Korea

Seongah’s New Life in Seattle

Seongah waited for two years after being rescued for a family to welcome her into their home and give her a new life.

CARE Korea

Nepal’s Stylish New Life

Nepal has found a new life living in a hair salon after being abandoned by his family during the 2019 wildfires in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

A ginger and white cat sleeping on is back in a cat bed. - Poppy Adopted
CARE Korea

Poppy Adopted / Dog Farm Demolished

Poppy, rescued from under a pile of filth under a dog farm cage, has already been adopted, and an illegal dog farm in Gwangmyeong City has been demolished.

Man holding Tina in front of bamboo fence at her new home.
CARE Korea

Tina Finds New Home in America

Tina waited patiently for 5 months before she was adopted. After a brief reunion with her mom and siblings, she flew to her new home in the US.

Nova standing in a garden near a flower border with his face raised to the sun.
CARE Korea

New Home Found for Nova and Julianne

Nova and Julianne were inseparable after being rescued from the Cheonan Dog Slaughterer. With the aid of DoVE Project, they found a new home together.

Aeyong Adopted after Escaping Fire - 03
CARE Korea

Aeyong Adopted after Escaping Wildfires

Aeyong was rescued—covered head-to-tail in ash—from the Goseong County wildfires. She was adopted by her fosterer after no one claimed her.