Seongah’s New Life in Seattle

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This post is translated from a post on their website, and was not written by us.
Girl kneeling on grass with a dog. - Seongah’s New Life in Seattle
Seongah waited for two years after being rescued for a family to welcome her into their home and give her a new life.

In the summer of 2018, we headed to the mountains near Moran market, an infamous dog meat market in Seongnam City. At the scene, we discovered several dogs that had been cooped up for months in one of the raised cages used for keeping dog meat dogs.

The weary dogs were left to endure the summer heat and foul stench of dog waste and rotten food.

After a long negotiation, the owner agreed to give up the dogs; Seongah was one of the rescued dogs. 

She was under our care for two years, due to the sad reality that big dogs have a hard time getting adopted in South Korea.

Finally, we received much-awaited news that a family in Seattle wanted to welcome Seongah into their home. 

We couldn’t be happier for Seongah as she boarded the plane to join her forever family. 

Enjoy your new life in Seattle, Seongah!

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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