(Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase

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White dog with an injured neck sniffing the ground. - (Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase
After a 12-day chase, we were finally able to capture Youngwoong and take him to the vet to have his collar removed.

Youngwoong was a white dog that had been wandering around Cheonan City after being thrown out of his home. A collar was digging deeply into his neck, cutting the skin and looking raw and very painful. We headed out to try to capture the dog who must have been tired, scared, and in great pain.

White dog with an injured neck sniffing the ground. - (Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase

However, repeated attempts to capture him failed, and as the hide-and-seek chase went on, he began to recognize our car, so we switched over to motorcycles. 

After tracking him for days, we got a sense of his movements, and discovered that some people were throwing rocks at him and trying to hit him with golf clubs.

Every day, the injured dog ranged around an area of approximately 1-km radius, and he would come  by the spot where his owner abandoned him at least once a day. He would retreat to pear orchards where there were fewer people and little traffic to escape danger and rest. 

White dog with injured neck in a travel crate. - (Un)Collared after 12-Day Chase

After a 12-day chase, we finally captured him, and were able to take him to the vet and have the collar removed.

It was obvious that the collar had been on for a very long time as it had cut deeply into the flesh of his neck. It will take a while to heal and rehabilitate.

We are looking for an adopter who will take good care of him, and not even think of abandoning him again.

We would like to send our huge thanks to everyone who participated in this epic 12-day rescue; the local residents of Cheonan City who gave up their time and, for the final rescue, their yard, and the firefighters who helped us capture Youngwoong.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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