New Home Found for Nova and Julianne

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Nova standing in a garden near a flower border with his face raised to the sun.
Nova and Julianne were inseparable after being rescued from the Cheonan Dog Slaughterer. With the aid of DoVE Project, they found a new home together.

Nova was rescued in the summer of 2019 from the most horrific dog slaughterhouse at which dogs were burned alive.

Timely Rescue

Nova was hanging by his neck as he heard another dog hanging next to him being torched. The other dog died, but we managed to rescue Nova before he suffered the same fate. 

Julianne is another dog we rescued from the same slaughterhouse. All her puppies went to new homes, but Julianne remained at our shelter. She missed her puppies and would cry; she wanted her puppies back. 

Road to Recovery

Nova was hanged on a rainy day at dawn, and the trauma had stayed with him. He remembered all that happened that day, so on stormy nights, he would become highly agitated and break everything around him. One day, he broke the metal bars and escaped. He was eventually discovered several kilometers away by our staff. 

We enlisted the help of a professional to deal with Nova’s trauma. We were told that Nova would get better if he shared a room with another dog with a calm personality. We put Nova in with Julianne, and they became buddies from that day. Nova’s trauma seemed to have diminished. 

In March, with the help from DoVE Project in the U.S., Nova and Julianne flew to their temporary home in Los Angeles. We thought all would be well when we found them a permanent new home.

However, when Nova and Julianne were being walked, they went past a gardener who was operating machinery that seemed to trigger Nova’s traumatic memories from the slaughterhouse. Since then, Nova refused to go on walks. 

However, if their fosterer only took Julianne for walks, Nova would cry out for her to return. It seemed like he thought it was dangerous for Julianne to go out. The two dogs were inseparable to the point where we thought that the only way they could be adopted was going to live on a large property which they didn’t have to leave to go for walks. 

New Home

However, on June 15th, Nova and Julianne’s joint adoption was finalized, and they finally went together to start their new lives with their new family.

With Julianne’s, and his new family’s help, we hope Nova can start to recover from his terrible trauma, and live a long fear-free life.

We would like to thank DoVE Project for helping to find a new home in the U.S. for Nova and Julianna, and for other animals in need.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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