Doongi Finds New Life After Abuse and Neglect

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This post is translated from a post on their website, and was not written by us.
Doongi sitting in a car with his new mom.
Doongi waited 4 years for a family after being tied up so tightly he couldn’t move and awful abuse and neglect. He now has a new loving family and life in LA.

In 2016, we rescued a dog that was tied up so tightly it couldn’t even move. The blurry photo we received clearly showed the dog had an injured eye as well. 

Abuse and Neglect

Doongi’s owner would throw him from the 3rd floor, kick him, tie him up in chains, poke him with a stick and subject him to other kinds of violent abuse and neglect.

When the CARE staff arrived in Busan to rescue Doongi, he was in worse condition than he appeared to be in the pictures. Doongi was taken to the vet and his injuries were examined and treated.

Rescue and Fostering

Although Doongi had been severely abused by a human, he absolutely adored people. He was always smiling, wanting to be petted and would roll over and show his belly.

Doongi waited 4 years for a family. We tried our best to find him a new home in South Korea, but it isn’t easy to find adopters, especially for larger dogs, which was such a pity since Doongi is such a lovable dog.

New Life and Love

Then we were contacted by someone in L.A who wanted to adopt Doongi. 

A few days before he was to board the plane, Doongi’s new family sent us a kennel for him. His fosterer brought him to our Head Office, and he was given a final health check-up and prepared for his journey. His fosterer took him for one last walk before he boarded the plane.

We received photos of Doongi with his new forever family. 

We want to thank both the fosterer in South Korea and the family in LA for helping Doongi get over his abuse and neglect, and for showing him the love and support he deserves.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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