Awaiting Death in the Darkness

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Awaiting Death in the Darkness 04
In a rural junkyard, we found dogs cut off from the sun, hidden behind a mountainous pile of steel bars awaiting death in the darkness.

At an 18,000 ft2 (~1,670 m2) junkyard in the countryside, there were dogs hidden behind a mountainous pile of steel bars awaiting death in the darkness. A giant steel plate completely blocked the sunlight from penetrating to where the dogs were locked up surrounded by piles of dog waste and rotten food.

Awaiting Death

The cage doors had never been opened since the dogs had been locked up, so they had to be cut open. During the rescue, one of the emaciated dogs dragged out by one of the junkyard owners defecated and screamed in fear. Completely terrified, he pushed his head under a wood pallet, trying to hide his entire body. Heartbroken by his reaction, we could only imagine how horrific these dogs’ lives must have been. 

The junkyard owners shouted insults and threats of sexual assault at the female activists who showed up at the scene. At one point, they attempted to pull down their pants in front of, and physically attack, our activists. Despite the unsafe situation, our activists kept their composure for the two hours it took to rescue all of the animals.

Seeing the Light

Ggamsoon, the last dog to remain at the scene, was supposedly raised as a “pet,” while the rest were kept as livestock, so the junkyard owners refused to let her go. However, Ggamsoon, who had been tied to a short chain for more than 10 years in the harsh cold and extreme heat, was more at ease with our activists than with her owners. They could see the sorrow and pain in her eyes as she barked incessantly at her friends who were being taken out of the cages. We couldn’t leave her behind.

The junkyard owners refused to give up Ggamsoon, but our activists couldn’t back down either, as they knew she would suffer miserably through the rest of her life on the short chain, simply awaiting death like her rescued friends. 

After a long wait, the police showed up, and the junkyard owners agreed to forfeit the last remaining dog. Angered by this, the junkyard owners yelled, “Ggamsoon is a female, so she needs to sleep with me tonight!” The verbal abuse continued. Listening to ridiculous and distasteful remarks of bestiality, we finished loading all of the dogs into the car. 

Looking Forward to Life

From time to time, emotions boil over during the journeys back from rescues, but it’s not because of the verbal and physical assaults our activists have to endure. What truly infuriates us is that there are so many blameless animals that are abused by owners as cruel and twisted as Ggamsoon’s. Rather than dissuade us, however, it only serves to fuel us for the next rescue. 

The informant who brought the plight of these poor junkyard dogs to our attention offered to take care of the rescued dogs, and they have been taken to a temporary shelter. Thanks to them, the junkyard dogs are no longer awaiting death, but are now looking forward to life.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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