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Rescue dog Hani is recovering slowly at her foster home, but she still needs much more treatment before she is back to full health. Can you help?

On a gloomy day in January 2020 we saw Hani and her puppies shivering in the piercing winter wind in a dog slaughterhouse in Anseong, a city 80 kms south of Seoul in South Korea.

With nothing but a boiled dog cadaver inside her food bowl, Hani could barely nurse her puppies. One starving puppy was chewing on an amputated dog’s paw. This was shocking, even for the horrific dog meat trade in South Korea. 

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We opened the doors of the cages, which would normally open only to take the dogs to their slaughter. This time, the cages were opened to rescue Hani and her puppies.

On first examination at the vet, we discovered that Hani’s health was in a critical condition. Due to severe malnutrition, Hani couldn’t receive any basic vaccination. In addition, after a more thorough check-up, we discovered that she was at the second level of heartworms disease. 

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At the end of the check-up for heartworms, and a whole host of other diseases, the vet handed us a bill for 1,964,000 Korean Won (Approx. 1,600 US Dollars,) and she still needs to undergo treatment for the heartworms and the other health issues she has.

Saving a rescue dog from the horrors of a dog farm is not cheap, but neither can we burden fosterers and adopters with potentially huge medical bills.

Rescue dog Hani is recovering slowly at her foster home, and we will continue to provide her with all the necessary medical treatment she needs to get back to full health before we find her a new life with a loving forever family.

If you can help with Hani’s treatment and recovery, please make a donation. She, and we, will be very grateful.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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