Anseong Slaughterhouse Completely Demolished!

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Anseong Slaughterhouse Demolished - 09
We were joined by volunteers on a cold morning to demolish Anseong Slaughterhouse in Anseong City. The metal cages were cut apart and crushed with excavators.

Anseong Slaughterhouse

On February 18th, we were joined by around 10 volunteers on a cold, windy morning to demolish Anseong Slaughterhouse, a dog farm in Anseong City, that had around 70 raised metal cages.

The dog farm was located next to a slaughterhouse where dogs were fed to other dogs. When we and our volunteers first discovered the farm, the owner had been planning to sell all of the dogs. Luckily, we were able to stop that from happening.

The rescued dogs were transferred to a city shelter. But, on February 6th, the last day of the rescue with volunteers there to help us transfer the dogs, we approached the dog farm with an ominous feeling. Our suspicion was confirmed; the farmer had brought in new dogs.

The only way we could stop this happening again was to demolish the dog farm. We eventually persuaded the farm owner to tear it down.

Down with Metal Cages

Remains of what had once served as roofs above the raised metal cages were taken apart. To ensure the farm owner could not reuse them, the cages, along with the roofs, were cut apart and crushed with excavators. We all got covered in dirt and dog waste in the process.

According to a local activist, just within the area of Anseong City, there are about 40 dog farms with some of them incarcerating more than 1,000 dogs. At this very moment, there are countless other dogs stuffed into those uncomfortable raised metal cages, eating rotten food waste, suffering from disease, malnutrition and the elements, and hopelessly awaiting their deaths.

Dog farms and slaughterhouses continue to operate freely in South Korea, and the government seems to want to do nothing about this illegal trade in suffering, and appears to turn a blind eye to violations of the Animal Protection Act enacted and ratified by that same government.

Anseong Slaughterhouse Demolished - 03

We’ll keep going and knock down every dog farm in Korea, but it would be nice if the Moon administration could make our job easier by once and for all pronouncing the dog meat trade illegal.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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