Cat with Two Severed Legs Rescued

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Black cat in cardboard box
There is a cat that comes to my mother’s house to get some food, and two of his legs seem to have been cut. Could you come and rescue him?

There is a cat that comes to my mother’s house to get some food, and two of his legs seem to have been cut. Could you come and rescue him?

While we appreciate all of the abuse and abandonment reports we receive, we need to prioritize the many rescue requests we get each day. Even so, we were particularly worried whether the cat was able to go about his daily life with these wounds, so we asked the informant for more details. How could the cat have eaten, excreted, or even moved around?

Because the informant’s mother worried and cared for the cat, the informant had sent antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The mother had mixed them into some food and given it to the cat. In the photo the informant sent, the cat was crouched in his cardboard box home. We could not tell how badly the cat’s legs were damaged in the photo, but our rescue team took off to Seocheon-gun in Chungcheongnam-do to check.

Cat with Two Severed Legs Rescued 1
The cat was finally captured

When the rescue team arrived, they found the cat resting feebly in his house. When they peered in, the cat hid farther back into the box. They covered the entrance of the box and quickly moved it to the car. But, the cat jumped out and scampered away, hiding in a sewage pipe. We were worried about how painful it must have been for him to drag his wounded legs into such a small space.

The next day, we set a trap for the cat. But, frightened by strangers, he refused to move out of the pipe. Only after four days did he go into the trap to get the food placed there, no doubt driven by hunger.

Up close, we could see that the cat had a thick black coat and round green eyes. The rescue team named the cat “Leo.” Leo’s state was so bad that even his vet let out a huge sigh.

Cat with Two Severed Legs Rescued 2
Leo on the surgery table

The bones in both left legs were severed, and his right hind leg was fractured and was missing his pinky toes. The vet inferred that Leo had gotten into a car accident while living as a stray and wondered how he had been able to cope with such pain. The vet recommended amputating both of Leo’s left legs. In addition, Leo tested positive for herpes, a virus which causes respiratory and lung problems. It was clear that he would have to undergo a long treatment process.

We would like to thank his caretaker for taking pity on him and trying to look after him. We are glad to have found him before the winter set in fully. It is doubtful he would have made it through.

Leo now looks forward with his bright green eyes to a life without pain or fear.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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