Goonsam; a Stray Dog with Three Legs

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A CARE member reported finding three stray dogs wandering the street. He described the matter as urgent as one of them, a brown Chihuahua, had one leg missing.

We received an urgent call from Seongju County, North Gyeongsang Province. A supporter reported finding three stray dogs wandering the street. He described the matter as urgent as one of them, a brown Chihuahua, had one severely damaged leg. The other two dogs were barking as if they were asking for help for their friend. The Chihuahua’s flesh was stripped away on the rear right leg and the bones were exposed.

It seems one of the legs was damaged when caught in a trap.

A Chihuahua in a transportation cage.
Goonsam at the vet.

The Chihuahua had bled a lot. If he wasn’t rescued soon, he might die from loss of blood or infection. Our rescue team couldn’t delay and set off to rescue them. However, it was more than 280 kilometers from Seoul to Northern Gyeongsang and would take more than 4 hours to get there. The CARE member contacted a local shelter to capture the Chihuahua and take it to a vet while the rescue team was on its way.

The Chihuahua was not easy to capture because he was extremely cautious around people. However, the local shelter managed to lure him into a transportation cage with food. The dog was moaning in pain. The other dogs must have not eaten for quite a while and were rescued easily when they smelled the food.

The vet decided that the Chihuahua needed to be operated on and have its leg amputated if he was going to survive. The cause of the injury was identified as some kind of trap. The surgery was underway when the CARE rescue team arrived. The other two dogs sat and quietly waited for the surgery to be over.

We named the brown Chihuahua “Goonsam”, the black mixed breed “Sung-il”, and the brown mixed breed “Joo-e.” They will not need to live on the street anymore. They will no longer need to scavenge for food nor endure rain and snow.

Two dogs in a transportation cage.
Sung-il (Right) and Joo-e (Left) just after being rescued.

We moved Goonsam, Sung-il, and Joo-e together to an affiliated veterinarian in Seoul for further examination and treatment. They all had heartworms, but Goonsam was diagnosed as being in the late stage of heartworms. If the special care was not taken, he would develop symptoms of pneumonia.

We are now taking care of Goonsam, Sung-il, and Joo-e, and will start looking for loving forever homes as soon as they are fully recovered.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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