Lina; Seriously Injured in Car Accident

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A dog who a neighbor had been giving food to for 2 years was hit by a car. The dog could not sit down and was bleeding from her nose.

On a busy Monday, we received a distressing report. A dog who a neighbor had been giving food to for 2 years was hit by a car. The dog could not sit down and was bleeding from her nose. When questioned, the owner indicated that he had no intention of treating the dog, saying, “It is okay that the dog dies.” The owner ignored the neighbor’s consistent asking to take the dog to the hospital.

Dog tied up on a leash
Tied up on a short leash.

The owner was often out of the house for work and the dog was tied up outside all the time. Every time he was out, the dog was given no water or food, except by the neighbor. The dog had no shelter from the rain, snow, nor the summer sun. It spent every night hungry, cold, alone. When the owner was drunk, the dog was kicked and beaten.

The neighbor did not see the accident, but a witness told her that it was severe, and the dog screamed so loud that the witness thought the dog had died in the crash.

When the neighbor found the dog, her eyes were bloodshot and her nose was bleeding. She was moaning with pain and was limping. She wouldn’t eat anything. The neighbor contacted the owner. However, all she got from the owner was “Leave it alone. It is a waste of money to treat the dog.”

The neighbor thought that if the dog was left like this, she would definitely be dead soon, so she called CARE. When our rescue team received the photos, they determined that the injuries were severe and treatment was required as soon as possible. The team contacted the owner right away and requested him to give up the dog. The owner agreed, saying, “Take it away right now.”

When the dog arrived at our center, there were no visible wounds except the limp. However, a thorough examination at the vet revealed extensive injuries.

Dog's bruised chest
Heavy bruising on Lina’s chest.

There were 7 fractured ribs, a pelvic bone fracture, a tailbone fracture, perforation of the lungs and hemorrhaging in the lungs, heartworms, and constipation. There were black bruises on the chest, and she was in great pain. It was unknown how many days she had been in this condition.

The vet was worried and said, “Even after treatment, she may have serious after effects or disability. Such severe compounded injuries are not found often.” However, treatment went ahead, and the rescue team named her ‘Lina.’

Lina is now recovering after surgery. We thought she would not be able to walk again due to the damage to her pelvis, but fortunately, she is now able to with the help of rehabilitative care. She has also recovered from the heartworms.

Dog looking at camera
Lina has beautiful eyes.

Lina was scared and tried to hide at first. Now, she is getting along well with other animals at the vet, and she greets the staff with a wagging tail.

Unfortunately, Lina is unable to defecate by herself as a result of not getting proper treatment in time after her pelvis was fractured. The nerves are paralyzed as a consequence. Lina will need someone to induce her defecation, and she will have to wear a catheter (a tube that collects urine from the bladder to a drainage bag) for the rest of her life.

Lina is a young and vigorous dog, not yet 3 years old. We hope she meets a family that can look beyond her condition to see the loving and fun-loving dog that she is.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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