A Hanam Timeline

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Here is a brief outline of the events of the Hanam City situation.

Here is a brief outline of the events of the Hanam City situation.

25th June 2018

Animal abuse reported by Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LHC) at a site in Hanam City. CARE visits the site and finds over 200 neglected and dead dogs. JTBC News accompany to investigate.

27th June 2018

CARE expose the abuse at the site. JTBC broadcast the situation on the news. Citizens make formal complaints to Hanam City.

2nd July 2018

First meeting with the Vice Mayor of Hanam City. The Vice Mayor of Hanam, authorities and animal activists in Hanam get together to discuss how to resolve the situation.

Volunteer group organize to start looking after dogs on-site.

CARE request the installation of fences and separation from animal abusers.

4th July 2018

CARE makes a formal accusation against Hanam City.

5th July 2018

Decision made to separate dogs from dog meat farmers. On-site manager hired by LHC. Hanam City makes a decision to manage the site. Dogs finally separated from their abusers.

Volunteers start to rescue dogs and remove them from the site.

CARE start to raise funds for dogs’ vet costs and to provide ₩200,000 reimbursement to rescuers and adopters.

10th July 2018

CARE President Park So Youn gives a statement at Hanam police station for an animal abuse case. The abusers legally give up ownership of the dogs.

12th July 2018

First meeting at Hanam City Hall. CARE prepared a case with reference to the Animal Protection Act to present to SeongNam City. CARE request authorities be more active.

Soi Dog Foundation offers to help by raising funds internationally. Soi Dog starts a donation matching program with Greater Good.

1st August 2018

Second meeting at Hanam City Hall. Extend the protection period until the end of September. The process and requirements for adoption created by CARE.

30 stray dogs rescued and put in temporary on-site kennels. Hanam City decides to subsidize ₩100,000 for each adoption.

Hanam City asks LHC to provide vet costs to Hanam ER clinic.

Rumors that Hanam City is considering allowing an unqualified person to take dogs. Volunteers voice their objections.

70 dogs remaining on site. CARE asked vice mayor to provide Hanam City-owned land to rescue and house them.

6th August 2018

Conference call with John Dalley, president of Soi Dog. Soi Dog agrees to provide funds for medical for expenses incurred by volunteers. CARE will be first point of contact for all inquiries.

9th August 2018

CARE to manage adoptions until 15th September. 130 dogs adopted up to this point.

13th August 2018

CARE told Hanam city that CARE will take over the remaining dogs on site. CARE can shelter dogs in Namyangju land and asked for legal permission.

27th August 2018

First funds of ₩12,326,300 received from Soi Dog for emergency treatment, adoption and shelter fees.

4th September 2018

Meeting with LHC supervisor (donation of the rest of the dogs to CARE )

13th September 2018

Second funds of ₩8,474,470 received from Soi Dog for vet costs, shelter and fence repair.

19th September 2018

Passion for Compassion (PFC) remove the remaining dogs to their shelter as requested by Hanam City and without informing CARE’s volunteers. Volunteers protest about the clandestine action in meeting with Hanam City. Soi Dog rumored to be supporting PFC financially. Dogs taken to an unsuitable facility (dog training center) after enduring 24 hours in travel crates.

Removal of fences and other temporary facilities.

27th September 2018

Third funds received of ₩13,435,244 from Soi Dog for vet costs, site maintenance, and dog accessories.

28th September 2018

Reports received about PFC’s legitimacy and Kim Hye Ran’s various problems with fundraising and adoption.

29th September 2018

Volunteers rescue remaining stray dogs that escaped from the site with CARE providing vet costs and shelter fees.

8th September 2018

CARE and volunteers sue Hanam City and Kim Hye Ran.

9th October 2018

Fundraising closed as all dogs now removed from site.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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