10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet: Infographic

There is no sadder sight than a cat or dog with no home. You can be the solution to that problem. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter and encourage others to do likewise.

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Adopt a Pet: Your New Best Friend

There is no sadder sight than a lonely cat or dog with no home. You can be the solution to that problem. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter and encourage others to do likewise. Not only will you have an affectionate companion who will love you endlessly, but now the shelter has the means to help even more animals. If you have the ability to care for an animal, why not adopt?

Shelters care for animals

Unlike those terrible kitten and puppy mills, animal shelters show great respect for the contentment of the homeless animals they take in. The shelter workers can makeover a shabby tabby into a pretty kitty or a fleabag into Fifi. Shelters not only house and feed stray cats and dogs but also provide needed veterinary care. Sterilization is a priority as are vaccinations and parasite removal. Illnesses will be screened and treated as appropriate, so you can be sure that the new addition to your family is fit and healthy.

The companion that’s right for you

What every pet needs is a loving family in a safe and comfortable home. Different pets will obviously have different needs. Do you want someone to just sit on the couch and watch TV with? Do you want someone to play in the yard with? No matter what animal you get, please remember that this is a living being who trusts you with their care. Please be patient and forbearing. Remember that the animal does want to please you if he or she only knew how. It can be difficult figuring out what must be done to help a pet adjust to your lifestyle. Your local animal center can help you.

The animals need you!

If you cannot adopt a pet, please consider fostering one. Shelters are always in need of volunteers. If you can’t donate money, that’s fine; time can often be more valuable. If your profession would aid an animal shelter, you can volunteer your services. Please help in any way you can. If you have friends or family who would like to add a pet to their home, suggest adopting. If you need more reasons to adopt, please consult this infographic. Adopting a pet saves a life. Please make your home the Forever Home of a lonely animal’s dreams.

Infographic: Reasons to Adopt a Pet
Mary Nielsen

Mary Nielsen

Mary Nielsen founded FelineLiving.net and is a passionate cat lover, blogger, and part-time music teacher. She founded her blog to share her ups and downs of being a pet parent to a bunch of adorable kittens and cats.

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