Woobi; Surviving the Monsoon

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On a heavily raining Sunday, a kitten took a few steps from under a parked car, and collapsed. The rain grew fiercer, but the kitten did not move a muscle.

It happened right in front of Won, a CARE Korea employee, while walking down the street on a heavily raining Sunday.

A kitten, soaking wet from the downpour, took a few feeble steps from under a parked car, and collapsed. Won was startled, but stepped back into an alley in case the mother came to rescue it. Picking the kitten up and taking it away to treat it might cause permanent separation from the mother, who might be close by, when it was returned.

The rain grew fiercer, but the kitten did not move a muscle. The mother did not show up. Some passersby tsk’d tsk’d as they looked at the animal. Others were so engrossed in their smartphones that they almost stepped on the kitten.

Won approached the kitten and wrapped it in a towel which a passerby had covered it with. The kitten remained still with its eyes tightly closed. Its heavily soaked body was as frail and light as a feather. But this little creature was still breathing. Won jumped in her care and drove quickly to a veterinarian.

“If you had arrived just a little bit later, the cat would have died. He is only about one month old, and appears to have been separated from his mother for a while.” the vet told us. “As he cannot walk, we suspect that he is suffering from anemia or shock, so we are injecting him with glucose.” he continued. “His body temperature is too low to measure precisely, so we’ll have to warm him up first.” He added, “Also, the inflammation level is way too high. It is 49.8, which far exceeds the average rate of 19.5. He also has sepsis.”

Woobi; Surviving the Monsoon 1

The kitten was in a bad way, and had obviously been sick for a while, but it was alive and still conscious.

The vet remarked, “There is a cut under his chin, and black marks on the insides of the eyelids and mouth. It is hard to know the exact cause, but it is strange as the cut is sharp and precise.”

The vet finished by saying, “We will look after him, and let you know if anything happens. You’d better leave now.”

Won named the kitten ‘Woobi’, which means ‘raincoat’ in Korean. She hoped that he wouldn’t ever get soaked by the rain again.

Two days passed, before the vet called. It was an anxious time, because Woobi’s condition was very serious and it was much more likely that the call would be bad news.

Woobi is slowly improving. The inflammation has subsided, and it has started to eat some food as well. He has gained a little strength, and has even tried to hiss at the vet during a painful operation.

Woobi seems to be over the worst, and will continue to improve with proper medical care. He will recover soon if the treatment progresses smoothly.

If you’d like to help us rescue more animals like Woobi, consider supporting us with a donation.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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