Animal Abuse in the name of Fixing Handicap

CARE Korea is no longer a Sponsored Project of World Animal Rescue Fund.
This post is translated from a post on their website, and was not written by us.

Humans can choose who they want to live with but, animals cannot. Animals only hope that the person is a nice, warm-hearted person.

This dog was born with a curved front foot. Then, one lady appeared to adopt this dog. This lady was suffering from a mental disorder; the person who was temporarily taking care of this dog thought that she could take care of the dog quite well as she has similar situation with the dog. However, this was a terrible mistake. The lady who adopted the dog thought she could fix the dog’s handicap. Under the name of fixing handicap, she stabbed the dog’s entire body with an awl and pliers; for instance, she stabbed the dog’s head with a sharp tool. However, the abuse was especially focused on the dog’s front foot. The lady pulled out the dog’s nail with the pliers, and cut the dog’s nail deeply that the flesh was flayed from the dog’s foot.

When we arrived at the lady’s house after we had received the report, there were tools everywhere that were used to abuse. When we tried to talk with her to bring the dog to our center, she acted like a crazy women. Eventually, she was handed over to the police and went to a psychiatric hospital. We accused her of animal abuse, yet she did not get punished because she could not be a subject of punishment as a person judged incompetent.

We rescued the dog and did our best to cure him. We truly wished the dog, named Young cheon, could live with a wonderful family, receiving love and have a wonderful time but, as we mentioned above, the possibility of adoption of the handicap dog is very low.

However, fortunately, one family living in the U.S. saw the case of Yong cheon through the Internet and they wanted to adopt him! And they did! These people are wonderful. They treat Young cheon as their beloved family. Thanks to this amazing family, Young cheon could live safe and happily ever after.

It will be wonderful if as many dogs can have this opportunity, yet most dogs we rescued end their life in the (temporary) shelter.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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