Actor Seungsoo Kim Adopts from CARE Korea

CARE Korea is no longer a Sponsored Project of World Animal Rescue Fund.
This post is translated from a post on their website, and was not written by us.
Korean Actor Seungsoo Kim felt came to the right place—CARE’s adoption center—when he wanted to adopt a companion for his aging pet.

This was truly a heartwarming moment.

Korean Actor Seungsoo Kim felt that his current pet was getting old and feeling lonely. He decided to adopt a stray and arrived at the right place—CARE’s adoption center.

After listening to each of the animal’s rescue stories, he began to cry.

Actor Seungsoo Kim holding a small dog.

In the end he decided to adopt 10 year old Lulu who was rescued from a puppy mill.

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CARE Korea

CARE Korea

CARE Korea is a South Korean animal rights nonprofit that rescues, shelters, and rehomes abused and abandoned animals, mainly from the dog meat industry in South Korea.

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